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Wisconsin Public Schools Support Staff Wages and Benefits Database


The database lists district name, employee last and first name (where provided), position (where provided), wages, benefits, total compensation, and benefits cost as a percent of wages.  

How to Use the Database

Searching for Data: The database initially displays and provides aggregate data for all records in the database. Users may display any subset of individual data records by selecting sub-groups from the drop-down lists. Click the down-arrow to the right of any drop-down box then click a selected sub-group from the displayed list.  After making all the desired sub-group selections click the "Search" button to update the display with a list of records that match all the selected sub-groups.  Click the "Reset" button to reset the drop-down selection lists to show all records.

Viewing Results: After clicking the Search button, the selected records will be displayed in table format in the "Results" section directly beneath the "Search" section.  Aggregate statistics will be displayed above the table and calculates total wages, benefits, total compensation and average benefits cost as a percentage of wages for the selected sub-group.  If more records are selected than can fit on a single page a list of page numbers will appear beneath the selected records list.  Click any of these numbered links to view records on subsequent pages.

Sorting Results: The results table may be sorted on any column by simply clicking the column header.  Each time a column header is clicked it will reverse the sort order.

Exporting Results: The selected results may be exported to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the "Export to CSV/Excel" link appearing above and to the right of the results table.  After clicking the link follow the instructions displayed on your browser.

Click here to go directly to the database.

Updates and Errors

This database was compiled from records obtained directly from each listed school district via Wisconsin open records law.  As such, we must rely on the custodian of these records to supply accurate and up to date information.  Although the data is imported and checked electronically, there is always the possibility of transcription errors.  Please help keep this database current and error-free by reporting any updates or errors to for immediate update or correction.  Thank you!

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